Before you do anything it is very important you come up with a game plan .  Just like anything else , you want to set up some goals so, that you have a sense of direction.  Other wise you will  be lost and will have a hard time accomplishing your goal. Steps for planning….

  1. 1.   Set a specific day to begin your journey . Have a brand new calendar to track your days. Keeping track of your days will help boost your motivation and will give you a sense of direction . 

2.  Put in writing , your reasons why you’re quitting. This will be your back bone support for times of potential relapse .



3.   Write down the times you usually had the urge to smoke. For example… in the morning while drinking coffee, when you’re on your break or  at lunch at work or after dinner etc… these are gonna be the challenging moments in the beginning that you’ll face to remind yourself ” I don’t need cigarettes in my life !!! “


4.   Think of alternatives that will help and assist you in replacing your smoking  habits like gum, candy, exercising or products like nicotine patches etc…  


5.  Take action and execute !!! You can do it !!! YOU are in control !!!

2 thoughts on “Gameplanning”

  1. Darren,
    Great tips and suggestions. I quit 17 years ago and have never looked back! One thing that was very helpful for me was a simple straw. I cut it in half and would inhale with it whenever I had the urge to smoke. It helped me get some deep breathing in too! You are so right, we don’t need it in our lives. I was a heavy smoker and really doubted that I could ever quit. I took a few days off and did some adult coloring which also helped.
    Take care and keep up the good work!

    1. Wow I never thought of using a straw. That’s pretty clever and simple. Congratulations on being smoke free for 17 years , that is huge. Thank you for your comment and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

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