About me

Hello everyone , my name is Darren and I’ve been a smoker for a very  long time. Firing up a cigarette was always part of my daily routine no matter what I was doing or where I was , my pack of Marlboro Lights where always in my pocket ready to go. Being at a party , going on break at my job , after lunch , after dinner, when I was stressed out , when I was bored or just hanging out with friends , you name it I had a smoke.

Quitting cigarettes can be a tough and frustrating experience for many people . That’s why I designed this site to help as many people as possible to break free from this never ending bad habit . I believe so many out there have made so many attempts to quit but weren’t able to really put there foot down in the process. I am here to let you know that its possible and that you have the power to make it happen… If I can do so can you .

If you feel the need to ask me any questions or have any opinions please feel free to connect with me thru this site. I love connecting and also learning from other peoples experiences I feel it is the best way to help one another thru real life trials and errors.

So I started smoking when I was 15 years old . I am now 37 and been smoke free for about almost 2 years now.  I tried so many times to quit and never succeeded , I always ended up telling my self ” this is my last pack , I’ll quit after this one “. Next thing I know I’m lighting up another cigarette from morning , noon to night. About 6 years ago my tolerance for nicotine had increased and I started buying packs every other day. It came to a point were I considered myself a chain smoker.

Enough was enough and I asked myself what was the real reason why I wanted to quite.  Well , there were many reasons why I wanted to quite and one  was  I wanted to live longer , long enough to witness my two children grow up.  Then I thought I also want to set a good example for them as well and sparking up a cigarette in front of them didn’t seem right to me.