Healthy Habits to Practice

1)  Keep a positive attitude in general . Lowering your stress level will play a huge part in preventing you from when you have cravings. Each day pat  yourself on the back  as a reward to help you boost your confidence. Always remember that your mind is your most powerful weapon.

2) At night before going to bed , take some time to do breathing exercises . This will help build and clear your mind from any problems or issues you’ve been having in your life.  Take slow and deep breaths for about 10 to 15 min.  I find it more relaxing and fun when putting on head phones and listening to relaxed melodies or meditation sounds.  Now a days you can download free apps on your phone and you’re ready to go .

3) When a craving sneaks up out of nowhere keep yourself busy… eat a healthy snack like fruits or chew gum or drink water. Distracting your mind is one of the main keys to dealing with cravings.  Do everything in your power to keep your mind off smoking … remember you are in control.



Having a strategy and setting goals to quit smoking is the number one thing to do but always remember to not overthink things . The problem with overthinking things is that you tend to cloud your mind so much that you fail to put in the action.  Next thing you know, you’re in a state of procrastination!!! Procrastination then leads to not following your goals then nothing gets done thus setting yourself up for relapse.  Put in more action to build momentum and start your journey off with a launch .