How to stop smoking cigarettes COLD TURKEY !!!

MINDSET  I am sure you’ve heard the saying ” you can do anything you put your mind to .” well guess what thats absolutely true!!  First thing you want to do is make sure you have the right mindset.  Always remember that your mind is a very powerful tool. What ever you put in your mind you have the ability to manifest what ever it is you’re thinking of. So for example… you want to quit smoking right?  Picture in your mind the benefits of quitting then imagine yourself 2 yrs later how healthier you will be , feel and look.  Without the right mindset you will a have a difficult time accomplishing your goal.  

CUT IT OFF  Next thing is to throw away all your lighters , matches, ashtrays and anything that contributes to smoking.  Do a little research and find out what can trigger cravings, like drinking soda or coffee or drinking alcohol . Every time you craved for a smoke what caused it , eliminate that thing right away.  For me , I had a ritual every morning where I would start off with a coffee accompanied with a smoke. So I automatically shut out coffee cause I knew it trigger my craving.

SWEAT IT OUT  Get into fitness or any kind of cardiovascular activity. Its a good way of detoxing all the toxins and nicotine in your system.  The more you workout or exercise the less cravings you will have.  Try to incorporate at least 45min to an hr every day or every other day into your daily schedule. This helps drastically in the process especially in the beginning.