Knowing whats in your cigarette !

Here are just a few of the chemicals that are found in your cigarette…

Ammonia – usually found in most household cleaning products

Arsenic – also found in rodenticides ( rat poison )

Butane – Lighter fluid

Carbon Monoxide – exhaust fumes from vehicles

Lead – also found in batteries

Methanol – found in auto products like ( carburetor cleaner , turtle wax , bug and tar remover , brake parts cleaner etc… )

Nicotine – a nitrogen containing chemical also found in insecticides

Tar – used for paving streets and rooftops

Its Possible

  • This site is made to help others around the world who are trapped in smoking cigarettes everyday and want to break free but don’t know where and how to begin. I am here to tell you that you’re not alone and it can be done because you are worth it and you deserve a better , happier and healthier lifestyle . You know that deep down ever since the day you picked up a cigarette it was wrong but something in your head told  you  to light it up anyways. What went from smoking one cigarette  to hundreds to thousands . Well what’s done is done and now you have the power to change it around . Its not too late !!! Lets make it happen !!!